Channel Services

Channel Services are run by Goddess (rather than chanserv).
For help on using Goddess, do either: A much more detailed introduction to using Goddess can be found here.

Bot Services

Channel owners can get an eggdrop bot for their channel by simplying requesting one from any ircop. Since this net is a service of Nicki's BotService, we use their bots, but bypass their usual application procedure.

Web Services

Each user on this net can have a small single page website here.
Each channel here can have a small two-page website here.
Details are available here.


The eggdrop bots that are available have a memoserv function, but no network memoserv is available, as yet.


At this time, no nickname services are available.
Indeed, the nickname nickserv is reserved, so that no user can use it

Operator Services

These are of use to IRCops only, but for the record, FortyTwo (rather than operserv) looks after this.

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