About Nicki's BotService

The purpose of BotService is to provide channel owners with a clean running (no flooding, no war bots, etc) eggdrop bot for various purposes, this bot is not a replacement for channels service bots (where applicable). We do this not on just one network but many, in fact as of this writing we are currently on something in the order of 30+ networks with over 150 eggdrop bots online.

What does this cost, and what do we want in return? Nothing!! We do not charge for our services nor do we ask for pay.

Why do we do this you ask? Because *smile* we can. Our pay comes from satisfied channel owners.

We do this for many reasons. To provide not only the channel owner but the network itself with a reliable bot provider that maintains the bots. In doing so it is a more controlled and dependable service than all users on a network running various versions of bots. This provides the network with a way to better watch and control what is happening on their network.

All that we ask is to be allowed to run our bots (usually home channel is #bothouse) most of which have the same host mask (Botname@bservice.org). In doing this on most networks we ask for a host exemption to be allowed to bring in more than just two bots. After all what good is a bot provider that can only run 2-4 bots. We do not place our bots in channels without the owner/founder's request and approval. In that respect we have a bot request page and form that the channel owner fills out. Upon receiving the request we investigate the channel to make sure it was the owner requesting it and to make sure they understand our policy and rules.

We are easily reachable at most all times by joining #bothouse and if a BotService staff member isn't there all you have to do is speak in channel. All our home channels are connected across all networks. This is for various reasons, so we can monitor a network (our channel) to provide better help and service.

We work in full co-operation with each network. If our bot becomes unstable or causes a problem we have no problem with that bot being g-lined (if a BotService member isn't there to handle the problem). All we ask is that you email us stating why and what the bot was doing, we will respond within 12hrs and fix the problem.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you still have any questions unanswered please email Jenny at mailto:jenny@bservice.org.

Our service email is bservice@bservice.org

Nicki's BotService, 2000