Class Schedule

All classes are EDT (GMT-5)
and will be held on Othernet in #bservice
Class descriptions are below the schedule
Day Date Time Class Instructor
Wednesday May 24 8:30 pm Helper terri{J}
Saturday May 27 2:00 pm Member 1 terri{J}
Wednesday May 31 4:00 pm Member 3 terri{J}
Saturday June 3 2:00 pm TCL 2 terri{J}
Tuesday June 6 4:00 pm Senior terri{J}
Saturday June 10 3:00 pm Helper terri{J}
Wednesday June 14 4:00 pm Member 1 terri{J}
Saturday June 17 8:30 pm BotApps terri{J}
Tuesday June 20 4:00 pm Member 2 terri{J}

Class Description
BotApp Topic: Investigating an Application for a Channel Bot
Aimed at: Staff wishing to join the Applications Team
Audience: All Staff
General Operations Topic: Description of the General Operations team, and what you need to do to be an Operations staff member
Aimed at: All Operations Staff
Audience: All Staff
Helper Topic: Structure of Nicki's BotService
Aimed at: Applicants accepted for becoming Helpers
Audience: Staff and those applicants
Member 1 Topic: Commands Channel Owners Can Give
Aimed at: Helpers wanting to become Members
Audience: Anyone
Member 2 Topic: Global Op Commands
Aimed at: Helpers wanting to become Members
Audience: Staff
Member 3 Topic: Installing Bots
Aimed at: Helpers wanting to become Members
Audience: Staff
Senior Topic: The Relay Botnet
Aimed at: Members wanting to become Senior Members
Audience: Staff
TCL 1 Topic: Adding a script; History; bind and proc
Aimed at: Anyone, but especially those with shell access to an eggdrop
Audience: Anyone interested

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