Becoming A Helper

So you want to be a helper? Well good, BotService.Org is always looking for new able-minded staff, but there are a few things to remeber going into this adventure.

We expect and need certain things from our staff. Key amoung those things is an open mind, an outgoing friendly personality, a level of maturity and an ability to think logically. Joining BotService.Org staff is not anything like all fun and games, we won't lie to you just to get a warm body there. If you haven't yet, stop reading this and go read the Rationale section of our website. OK, so now you see WHY we do this, and you are still reading. Good. So now you can start to see what we expect from you. We do not ask that you devote every waking minute to the service, but when you are helping out? We need you to be a team player. Let's spend a minute in closing going over each of those key needs that were mentioned earlier:

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