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IRCDService holds classes on a wide variety of topics and are always ready and working on adding more. We hold all our classes on ircds.dungeonfyre.com - our Service's training server.

Currently our classes include:

Advertising Your Network

Want more users? Sure we all do. Want to know how to start and build a plan to take your 10 user network to 100? This is where you want to be. Results may vary, and no promises are made, but getting a good foundation is the best preperation.

Basic Oper Commands

Are ya a little rusty on the irc commands? Maybe you should take a look at this class. If ya wanna be an oper, you're going to want to make sure you know these commands to help out the online newbies. And for those of you who are irc newbies right now, come on in ... we're ready to change that! You'll want to make sure you know these commands before taking on 'Oper Commands Level 2'.

Oper Commands Level 2

Are the basics just plain old boring you? Come on over to this class. We'll find out what level you're at and try our best to cater to all of your needs! Impress those netadmins with your awsome knowledge of the irc commands. In this class, we'll all work together to teach each other our knowledge of irc commands. It's time to get past that simple /list command, so get your butt in gear and come on over!

General Ethics

From good decsions to bad. From learing to think like an oper an dno a user, and when to switch back and forth and make it clear to people which it which. This is the class that completes any good opers edjucation.

Your Guide to HTML

A little suprised to see a class other then an irc related class on the IRCDSerivce? We were a little suprised to come up with the idea! But we've decided to take yet ANOTHER step to make sure that the users get what they want. IRCDService is proud to introduce Your personal guide to HTML. We have put our heads together and are bringing some of the best HTML gurus you will find on the internet. From the basics, to answering your every question about HTML, it's all there. A web site can get you ahead in the world! It can do anything from increase sales in a business, to let old friends get in touch with you. It's an essential advertising tool. You ready to make a web site? You ready to make a better web site? This class is for YOU!

IRCD Theory

Ok you guys, want to know those commands that only the tech admins on your net know? Want to know how to add an O:line? Want to know how to re-compile your ircd? Want to know what pico means? Any IRCD questions, we'll answer. We're getting our ircd masters together to answer any questions your dear little heart desires. Something #help wont answer for you because their stumped? Get your butt over, because it's time to have those questions answered once and for all!

Guide to ircd.conf

Yes it makes your server run, but do you know what every line in the file does and why? You should, and if you do and want a refresher or want to try and stump the teacher (it happens) this is the place for you. If you don't know? Well, even if you aren't an admin, knowing how your server works and what makes it do what to whom when is an invaluable peice of the problem solving set every oper needs to have. Impress the people on your network with the loads of knowledge you'll have by knowing every line in the ircd.conf. We cover all the basic ircds.

How to Best Help Users

You know your users need help, but how to best serve them? How to deal with troublesome annoying users and staff that can't cope. This guide will you organize your staff and network into a more user friendly environment that users will WANT to come back to

Legal Theory and IRC

Sounds silly but you can be sued. This is a class targeted towards both PR divisions of networks and Admins, although anyone can benefit from it. It helps to know what will and will not get you sued on irc and how to make yourself more and more "watertight" in regards to the law.


The most important class we have, this will run down differing styles of eams that many networks use and how to start one that fits your needs and better yet, keep it going strong years from now.

Technical Theory

We're gonna get our tech team together here to answer any of those questions on irc you may have! Want to know how to link a server to a network? Want to know how to see who the administrator of a server is? Anything you may have stuck up there in your little head we're ready to have thrown at us. Try and stump the teacher (oh yea, it happens!) and the rest of the class or just come to see how something works. This class is for anyone!

User Rights/Oper Rights

Where do your rights end as a user or oper and where does the other side begin? when do opers have the right to deny users rights and break their own rules? and if it happens without good cause what can you as a user OR oper do about it?

Mail ircdservice@hellblazer.net with any questions or comments or to become a member network.

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