The Bots

Policy on acquiring a bot

Ours is not to pass moral judgement on any channel that requests a channel from BotService.Org. Rather it is to offer channel protection. Below is a list of guidelines in

Clarification on channels served

*Warez being defined as illegal use of copyrighted software. MP3's is a gray area. Most MP3 sites request the user delete within 24 hours. We will supply that bot with a channel unless there is proof that warez are being traded

** Child porn channels includes sex channels that cater to younger users, with or without the intent to exploit that child, trading of photographs depicting child pornography, and adult sex channels that do not restrict their channels to prevent persons under the age of 18 from entering or enforcing such restrictions

***Adult style channels, whether they depict sexual situations in channel or not, are acceptable provided they have and enforce an "Under 18 restriction"

Policy on removing a bot

Policy on Channel Responsibility

Policy on Investigations

Networks with Local Administrators:

Networks without a Local Administrator:

Investigations Guidelines

In order to meet user requests for bots, the Investigation committee was formed. All Local Administrators are members of this committee by default, as well as chosen helpers.

Field Information to be filled out
Channel's Name This is the name of the channel (Pretty self-explanatory). If this isn't filled out it is automatically rejected by the Admin of Applications, and not sent to Local Administrators or the Investigations Committee
Channel's Purpose This is what the channel is being used for. If the channel name is descriptive enough, this field is not required. Use your judgement
Network Channel is on This is REQUIRED. With out the network checked, Investigations will not jump from network to network to find it. If this isn't filled out, then Comments should be filled in stating a server.
IRC Nickname This is REQUIRED. Only the channel owner/founder can request a bot.
Host Mask This is REQUIRED. *!*@user@host
ICQ Number Optional
Email Address The person requesting SHOULD use their ISP email address for verification. In the event they use a free-email service, instead of immediately rejecting, email the user and ask them for a verifiable email address. However, many users use an anonymous email address for privacy reasons. Lets keep this in mind when we investigate applications.
Time Online Should be filled in, but not a valid reason to reject. If no time is filled out, Investigations will try to meet with the owner to set up a time.
Comments Not required, UNLESS no network has been selected earlier.


Policy on Installations

  1. Only one channel owner per channel
  2. Channel services bot/chanserv must be present
  3. Don't add bots that have an @ next to their nick (the channel control bots)
  4. Don't add bots that are part of the relay (most of these are the channel control bot with the exception of a few networks)
  5. Don't add bots that are already in 7 channels (including the home channel)

Procedures for adding a bot to a channel

If application has been approved, and owner is present:

  1. Select a bot for their channel a. Select from the +v bots in channel b. bots name cannot change
  2. DCC the bot chosen a. have bot join channel using join command b. keep bot window open so you can double check owner/bot addition
  3. Add owner to bot using the adduser command, making them 'chanowner'
  4. Show owner how to: (watch for verification inside bot) a. set pass (/msg <botnick> pass <password> b. login to bot (/msg <botnick> login <password>
  5. Have owner add bot to channel services bot a. must be set at level 449 (verify w/channel services bot) b. set autoops for the bot c. Password to set for the bot matches the bots nick (case sensitive) unless its Undernet, where passwords must be 6 characters long, then the pass is BotsBots for botnames under 6 letters
  6. Add Channel services to bot to prevent conflict, unless not present in channel
  7. Activate +seen (<botnick> chanset [channel] +seen) for the channel (Only global ops or higher can activate this feature)
  8. Save database
  9. Ask for a channel description while you have the owner there
  10. Offer help using the bot, and explain channel levels a. can only add level below theirs b. give webpage addy for additional commands c. show how to get help using the bot (/msg <botnick> help [#channel])
  11. After all completed, you can either fill out the form under "Update" on the staff website or you can Email notifying the:

Using initchan Command

This command only applies to ChatNet bots

  1. Check application and verify owner
  2. Verify K9 is present
  3. Pick a bot
  4. DCC bot
  5. type .newchan add #channelname <key>a. keys should be entered as followed: date(yy,mm,dd) your initials (mix between cap/lowercase letters) (ex. 990408tAy) b. in the event the same bot is used on the same day, add a lower case letter to the beginning of the key (ex. a990408tAy)
  6. Email the Application Admin with the approval and add include the following in the email: To activate your bot, and have it join your channel type: /msg <botnick> initchan {channel] <key>
  7. .This command is case sensitive, so watch capitalization Verify later that owner has received his/her bot and all additions have been made to services bot etc. Also set +seen if the channel owner desires
  8. After all completed, you can either fill out the form under "Update" on the staff website or you can Email notifying the: Bot name that was installed A Channel Description for the website