Frequently Asked Questions

These are common questions asked by our users regarding our bots.

Question Answer
What is a bot? The word bot is an abbreviation of robot. On IRC, a bot is a program that can be made to log on to an IRC server and join channels, and in many ways appear to be a normal human user.
What is an eggdrop bot? An eggdrop bot is a bot that runs on a linux or unix shell account, and is normally able to stay on-line in your channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (barring IRC server downtimes).
How do I add the bot to X? (Othernet) Use the syntax: /msg X adduser #channel botname 449 botname Example: /msg X adduser #funchat Ariel 449 Ariel
How do I add the bot to K9? Use the syntax: /msg K9 adduser #channel botname 449 Example: /msg K9 adduser #funchat Delbin 449
How do I add the bot to Chanserv on Dalnet? Use the syntax: /msg chanserv aop #channel add botname Example: /msg chanserv aop #funchat add Meraude
How do I add my ops to the bot? Follow these steps:
  • Login to the bot.
  • Wait until the person you are going to add, is in the channel.
  • If the person's nick is longer than 9 characters, have them change it, until after he/she has been added to the bot.
  • In channel, use the syntax: botname adduser nick chanop

Example: Jehana adduser marie chanop

How do I setpass with the bot? Use the syntax: /msg botname pass your-super-cool-password. Example: /msg Achilles pass quasar5 Note: This is for setting your password for the first time.
Every time I try to give the bot a command, it says, "Who are you?" What am I doing wrong? You need to login to the bot before it will do anything for you.
How do I login to the bot? Use the syntax: /msg botname login your-super-cool-password Example: /msg Achilles login quasar5
I can't log in to the bot, and the ident command isn't working, either - what do I do? Naturally, if you aren't on the bot's user list for that channel at all, you need to get someone to add you to the list. However, let's assume that you are on the list already. The reason you can't login is that your host mask is different from the ones the bot knows about for you. Change your current nickname to the one you had when you were added to the bot, and try the ident command again.
How do I change my password? To change your pass with the bot you must first login then DCC chat the bot and type .newpass yournewpassword.
Do you offer game bots or bar bots? Yes, In addition, our bots are great protection for your channel and a great way to allow your users to leave notes.
Will your bots do !rules? No, at this time our bots don't include that feature.
How do I get a bot Go to and fill out a bot request form
How do I become a helper Go to and fill out a helper application
How do I get BotService.Org on my network? Fill out a bot request form, make sure you include a few servers we can connect to, and we will meet with the network staff and see about starting up our service there
How do I get the stuff you all use for your bots? Our TCL scripts are not for public distribution. Try doing a search on the web for eggdrop bots or TCL scripts.
How do I set a welcome message in my channel? You can get the bot to issue a greeting to everyone who enters your channel by using the greet command, provided the bot has that feature included. If it doesn't, contact BService and we will gladly add it. To see if your bot has the feature, type:

botnick help welcome

botnick help hail

If it answers in a message window, then it has that feature; if it tells you that you need to specify a channel, then it does not have that feature.