E-mail Lists

E-mail Address


What it's used for

Open to all BotService members and helpers

For staff announcements, General announcements, training notices, promotions, etc.

Global Admins and Global Co-Admins Only

For issues that should remain out of our general e-mail list. Can also be given to persons needing a specific answer that only the admins can help with

For the Ladies of BotServices

For the ladies ... Nuff said.

For persons having shell access only

For notifying of new shell passes, new bot passes with chanserv/nickserv

For Applications Team Leader Only

Incoming applications for bots

Applications team members only

Used to notify members of the applications team of approved/rejected applications. Also used by the Applications team for information specifically for them.

Training Team Members Only

used to coordinate training for members of the Training team. Also used for staff progress reports and requests for additional trainings.

Install Team Members Only

Used to report Installs/Removals. Also used by the install team for infomration specifically for them.

IRCDService Members Only

Used by the IRCDService Team as defined by their Administrator

IRCDService Admin

Incoming requests for persons wanting to join IRCDService

Research and Development Team Members Only

Used by the EnD team for information specifically for them.

Training Team Leader Only

Used by persons applying to become Helper Staff.