Downloadable Files

Installation instructions are located further down the page.

The Files

BService Scripts
File Description Author Updated
terri5.mrc bot utilities terri{N} 1999 11 03
bservicehelp.txt help file in txt format taycie
bservicehelp.doc help file in doc format taycie
bshelp.mrc post help messages to users Katiya
Eggdrop.hlp eggdrop bots

Scripts for Othernet

File Description Author
xhelp.mrc Up to level 500 help files Nicki
xadmin.mrc XAdmin help Nicki
drill yourself or others on the use of X commands terri{N}
x500.mrc use X commands up to level 500 terri{N}
uworld1.mrc Uworld help Nicki
uworld.mrc use UWorld commands terri{N}
othernet.irc Here is the pirch popup file Nicki

Installing .mrc Files

To save Files right click and click on save link must put the files in your main mirc directory. After doing this start mirc if it's not up already and from any window type:

--> /load -rs xhelp.mrc

or which ever file you are loading. Note: to load the xhelp do the above, to load xadmin.mrc type /load -rs xadmin.mrc, you get the picture, also to unload it if you don't like it type /unload -rs filename.mrc. Hope you like them, this page will be updated with more files soon. Thanks :)

Installing Pirch Files

Ok updated tonight is the pirch popup file for all the commands just place this file in your pirch directory and start pirch then click on popup and ahhh heck either you know how or catch me on othernet, shouldn't be hard to do.

Installing .hlp Files

These files are standard Windows help files, and thus could be stored anywhere, and double-clicked from within Windows Explorer. However, if you are running mirc, it is suggested you store such files in the same directory as you have mirc.exe -- that way the file can be accessed from within mirc using the 'Help' menu item there.