BotService and it's Staff Structure

What Is BotService.Org?

BotService.Org is a group of people that enjoy working with Eggdrop Bots. We provide channel owners with a clean running (no flooding, no war bots, etc) eggdrop bot for various purposes. This bot is not a replacement for channel service, or their services bots (where applicable). We do this not on just one network but many, working with the networks that we service.

Why we do what we do

What does this cost, and what do we want in return? Nothing! We do not charge for our services nor do we ask for pay. Why do we do this you ask? Because we can. Our pay comes from satisfied channel owners. We do this for many reasons. To provide not only the channel owner but also the network itself with a reliable bot provider that maintains the bots. In doing so it is a more controlled and dependable service than all users on a network running various versions of bots. This also provides the network with a way to better watch and control what is happening on their network.

BotService.Org Structure

All BotService staff members are volunteers. That means WE DON'T GET PAID!! We do what we do simply because of the above. There are no "hero/heroines" in BotService. We all basically do the same within the channel. This doesn't mean that there is no authority structure. It's very rare that someone should have to "pull rank", but "rank" will be pulled if necessary. All members are trained by our Training Team and are not allowed within our channels on various networks until they are deemed capable.

Level Access w/ Channel Services Bot Access
Global Administrator 480+................................... full
Global Co-Administrator/Local Administrator 450-479 owner
Global/Local Senior Member 400-450 master
Global/Local Member 350-400 op
Global/Local Helper 300-350 chanmaster