The Relay

The Relay All BotService.Org channels on each network are connected via relay. This allows the staff to keep an eye on their nets (if they are on a different one) and provide coverage for nets that do not have helpers or staff available to them. All BotService.Org staff are asked to help monitor our relay bots, to ensure that they are always linked and functioning.

Keep in mind that what you say will be sent to over 33+ networks, so there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Only BotService.Org Staff, bots and their helpers may idle in any BotService.Org channel. Server Admins and IRCops must adhere to our channel rule of no idle (in other words, they aren't special to break the rules)
  2. Use the relay bots for discussion not necessary on the relay that you do not feel is necessary for our users to see. (i.e. brief quickie meeting, asking an involved question when the bothouse is busy, things like that).
Command Syntax/Example What it does
linkmsg /msg <relaybot1> linkmsg <relaybot2> <link> <msg> Example: to send a msg from you on Othernet to Nicki on DarkerNet: /msg Cleopatra linkmsg Nadu Nicki Hi!!! Sends a private message to someone on another net, via the relay using the relay bot in the current channel your in, to the relay bot in the channel that they are in
!linkping !linkping sends a ping and gives you the time to all the bots on the relay
netname netname <server> - netname ChatNet To find out what the relay bot is on a network
!linkusers !linkusers <relaybot> !linkusers Otherbot (for users on Chatnet) Gives a list of users currently in the channel with the relay bot
!linkboot !linkboot <relaybot> <nick> <nessage> Example, to boot from Othernet someone from Chatnet: !linkboot Otherbot Nevin testing Used to kick a user from the channel the relay bot is on via the relay
!linkban !linkban <relaybot> <nick> <duration> <reason> Example, to ban from Othernet someone from Chatnet: !linkban Otherbot Nevin perm testing for banning users on a remote net via the relay
findbot findbot <botnick> will tell you where that bot is located
!linkwhom !linkwhom sends a list of all users on all networks for that botnet channel


Anyone with channel master level access or higher can check to see if all links are in place by joining one of the main channels and typing:


If you do this check, and find any bots not responding to the ping, please report it to someone who is a global senior member, or higher.

In addition to our main channel relay, we also maintain channel relays for the following channels.

As with all user channels, we join only when asked or to check/maintain the relay/bots.

Linking bots to the relay

Choose a bot to link to from (under relay)

If relay bots go down restart the Main Hub bot. If they do not relink after that, get a Global Administrator for help.