BotService Downloads

Here you will find downloads of the latest eggdrop bot, BotService's
screen savers, and more. Send comments and suggestions to Jenny

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Screen Savers

Eggdrop Bots

How to configure an Eggdrop

TCL Scripts

To the best of my knowledge, the files in this section are in the public domain.
If any author sees one of his/her scripts listed here, and does not want it listed here, please contact me, and I will gladly remove them.

File Link Comment
tcl-commands.doc a list of all the TCL commands added to eggdrop
8ball0_3_tcl.gz works fine
ChanLink3_0b2_tcl.gz Not yet reviewed
banchanw110_tar.gz Not yet reviewed
banflooders2_2_tcl.gz Not yet reviewed
bar-n-grill_2_2_tar.gz Not yet reviewed
chanprotect_tcl.gz Not yet reviewed
colorkick_tcl.gz Not yet reviewed
country_tcl.gz works fine
keykeep_tcl.gz Not yet reviewed
news_tcl.gz works fine
redneck_tcl.gz Not yet reviewed
seinquotes_tcl.gz Not yet reviewed
swear2_2_tcl.gz Not yet reviewed
trivia-1_0_tar.gz Not yet reviewed
truthd_tcl.gz Not yet reviewed
xw_logon_thingie_1_01_tar.gz Not yet reviewed, 1999